Origen Ventures is a full service real estate investment and development company investing in the Northeast.

Real Estate Development & Construction Development

Through strategic investments, Origen Ventures collaborates with a wide range of development agencies and organizations across the greater Boston real estate market to revive under-valued and under-performing properties.

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Capital Investments

Origen Ventures is focused on procuring and maximizing the value of high-yield performing and non-performing loans in the areas of CRE, C&I, REO, equipment leases, and judgments. This includes individual loans as well as loan pools up to $20 million.

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Property Management

Origen Ventures owns and manages a wide range of retail spaces and residences, including apartment buildings and high-end condominiums.

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  • Beach Street

    Beach Street

  • Winter Place

    Winter Place

  • Union Park

    Union Park

  • Chandler Street

    Chandler Street

  • Worcester Square

    Worcester Square

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Good business starts with being a good neighbor and an active community participant

Working closely with local stakeholders, historical societies, and political leaders, we build strong relationships in the communities we work in. Origen Ventures works closely with the following associations, affiliations, and organizations: